Sunday, 23 August 2015

"Earth"- Season of Creation videos for Sep 6

There’s a particular quiet which settles over the forest as the storm clouds approach, before the riot of frog calls begin to herald the first rain.  Yesterday’s lull reminded me of Jan Morgan’s invitation for Earth Sunday to stop, be quiet, and really listen to God’s world. 

Like most children’s addresses, it’s meant for all of us.

Her sermon invites us to share a moment when we felt really connected with God’s Earth.  But how do we choose?  I’ve so many moments, in Adelaide, Queensland, and here.  Today Gabriel and I set ourselves the task of working out how much rainwater our roof should be collecting for us.  It’s all we have to drink: connection.  The sun is all we have for electricity.  We miss it when it’s gone.

Jan’s pastoral care work with cancer sufferers leads her, round about, to ask us to reflect on of faith in endless economic growth, remembering that endless growth is the characteristic of cancer cells.  Is unending growth progress, or suicide?

Jan draws on Job to remind us of our humble place in Creation. Even though now humanity can answer in the positive some of the rhetorical questions God throws at Job from the whirlwind, there is definitely still an uncontrollable tempest on the horizon.

Jan teaches at the Centre for Theology and Ministry (CTM) in Melbourne, integrating pastoral care and ecoministry.  Her book "Earth’s cry: prophetic ministry in a more-than-human world" is published by Uniting Academic Press.

If your church isn’t subscribed to Project Reconnect, you can download Jan’s addresses through UnitingEarth.

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